Dusk upon elysium




the abyss



Welcome to the home of darkened souls…

Twisted tales of the once ordinary.

I don’t know how you got here.

Maybe you’re scrolling through your phone on the first train to work as the sun begins its majestic ascent. Or maybe you’re by the beach, sipping margaritas, the glorious sunshine scorching your slick scarlet back; as you casually swipe away on your tablet.

Maybe you’re staring aimlessly at your laptop as the day dwindles away.

And yet here – in Ékleipsis – the sun has finally set on humanity…

What happens when we give in to the darkness?

Ékleipsis is a debut short story collection written by Canadian author Tamel Wino, with hints of Chuck Palahniuk’s and Cormac McCarthy’s stripped, vivid writing styles. This gripping book explores the havoc wreaked when ordinary people abandon their humanity to pursue their darkest desires, and questions just how far people will go to follow their baser instincts.

Each story takes a version of a person we’ve known in our own lives and transforms them into something completely unnerving—yet all too familiar.

These dark, complex characters and twisted tales of the once ordinary will change your perception of humanity forever.


2021 NABE Pinnacle Award Winner for Horror 2021 NABE Pinnacle Award Winner for Horror

2021 International Book Awards Finalist for Horror 2021 International Book Awards Finalist for Horror

2021 Reader Views Bronze Award for Short Stories 2021 Reader Views Bronze Award for Short Stories

2021 Readers’ Favourite Finalist in the Fiction - Anthology 2021 Readers’ Favourite Finalist in the Fiction - Anthology

From the critics

“Ekleipsis is a compilation of dark and deliciously twisted stories that are bound to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and chill you to your bones. Complemented by a wildly creative imagination, author Tamel Wino pulls no punches and delivers a powerful and riveting narrative.”

“Where the first story of the anthology is a slow, creaky climb to the top of the roller coaster, the following four are a stomach-in-throat thrill ride that begins straight off the curve.”

“The descriptive narrative was amazing and drew you into the minds of the disturbing characters immediately. You are taken on a path where you think you understand their thought processes and then you discover a shocking revelation about their personalities and every concept you held is demolished.”

“United by themes of delusion, debauchery, infidelity, rage, and fatal dependence, Tamel Wino’s Ékleipsis is varied and substantially vivid about human flaws and primal instinct. A fascinating read.”

“These familiar, yet disturbing stories reflect the thoughts that linger in the darkest corner of our minds and reveal how destructive some become when they allow their vices to take over. Provocative, clever characters lead these unpredictable, suspenseful short stories that lovers of horror will revel at.”

“What instantly sets this novel apart from other post-pandemic dystopian offerings is the natural, easy elegance and poetry of Wino’s prose.”

“It’s been a long time since a dark, dystopian tale irresistibly demanded my undivided attention the way Dusk Upon Elysium has.”

“Author Tamel Wino can craft worlds like I’ve never read before.”

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